Policy Committee

The decision-making body of SATA is the Policy Committee.  The Policy Committee has final local approval and authority on all major transportation decisions, policies, and programs of SATA.  The Policy Committee shall constitute a forum that facilitate discussions that is vital for cooperative transportation decision making to address various facets of the transportation planning process.  The Policy Committee shall develop transportation plans and programs for the Saginaw area, coordinate local, county, regional, state plans and programs. The organization has been given the responsibility to involve the public and other stakeholders in this process through expanded community involvement efforts.

The Policy Committee consists of elected and appointed officials.  Below is the current list of representing townships, cities, villages, including Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT).

(Saginaw Area Transportation Agency – SATA)
(Policy Committee Members)

Voting Members PresentRepresentingAlternate
Travis Hare   City of Saginaw*  Beth London
Dennis Borchard   Saginaw County Road Commission*Daniel Armentrout
Glenn Steffens STARS*     Dennis McDonagh
Steve King Kochville Township* 
Torrie LeeBuena Vista Township* 
Brian Rombalski  Saginaw Charter Township* 
Daniel Silka Thomas Township* 
Michelle McGregor Bridgeport Township* 
Tom Mayan Merrill 7-B Rural Task Force* 
Sue Fortune  East Michigan Council of Governments* Codie Bodrie
Jay Reithel  MDOT-Bay Region* 
Richard Bayus   MDOT-Lansing Statewide Planning*  Jay Reithel
Delegate  James Township* 
Delegate  Carrollton Township* 
Delegate  Spaulding Township* 
James Canders MBS Airport** 
Maja Bolanowska Midland Area Transportation Study (MATS)**     
Ryan Smith  Bay City Area Transportation Study (BCATS)**
Tim Courtney  Public Member at Large** 
*Voting member
**Non-voting member