Over the last 50 years, we have made tremendous progress in creating more transportation options for everyone who lives, works, and plays throughout Saginaw County. The Saginaw Area Transportation Agency (SATA) has developed a new LRP that has been completed and adopted in 2022.

The LRTP 2045 establishes transportation priorities and provides a strategic direction for transportation policy, planning, and investment decision making for the Saginaw Area.  Federal, state, and local governments will use LRTP 2045 to guide decision making regarding the transportation system in the region over the next 25 years.

The LRTP 2045 serves as a blueprint for spending of anticipated transportation revenues in the coming decades to:

  • Operate and maintain our current and planned system.
  • Continue to deliver on our commitments from the 2022 LRTP; and
  • Identify any new projects, programs, or initiatives.

LRTP 2045 seeks to advance long standing regional transportation needs, such as improving safety, preserving existing assets, economic growth and expanding access to alternative modes, while emphasizing the growing need to make transportation services more equitable and accessible for all.

LRPT 2045 addresses the transportation needs of the region’s residents, businesses, and visitors.  The plan will improve safety; enhance access, mobility, and efficiency safeguard environmental resources; and better link investments in transportation infrastructure and services to regional economic development opportunities.